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What Will Happen When I Die?
Personal Stories - Pathways to Jesus

My parents aren’t believers and we never spoke about God in our house. I remember that once, when I was about six years old, I wondered what would happen after I died. I was even a bit scared of it. When I asked my mum, she snapped at me that I shouldn’t think about such things. And so I pushed the thought out of my head.

It wasn’t until university that I started to think about God more. Two things led me to do so. Kind of a first impulse was the fact that I’d been disappointed by certain relationships, which I had hoped would bring me happiness and fulfilment in life. Some of them were friendships and others were relationships with boyfriends. Instead of being happy, I felt hurt. The second impulse was that I met and formed friendships with some Christians during my studies. I very much liked the relationships they had with each other and the way they treated me. I felt good with them. They claimed that Jesus had changed their lives but I didn’t understand that. I didn’t even understand how university students could believe in something like the existence of God…

God used one difficult situation in my life – when I broke up with my boyfriend of two years – and the prayer of one of my friends. That friend asked God to give my heart peace so that I didn’t have to suffer so much after what happened.

And God answered that prayer. The day afterwards, when I was home alone, something suddenly changed. I just sat with my mouth hanging open and couldn’t understand at all. Out of nowhere, an absolute about-turn in my emotions. It was about five days after the break-up and suddenly I didn’t want to cry, the future wasn’t so hopeless… Something had happened which I couldn’t have managed on my own. In that moment I remembered my friend’s prayer and for the first time in my life I said to myself: “God probably really does exist – that’s impossible!” I felt like I wasn’t alone.

I had a shock the next day. I caused a car accident: I hit a ten-year-old boy at a pedestrian crossing. Fortunately, I was driving very slowly and so he wasn’t injured. But I couldn’t put it out of my mind. Suddenly I could see that I was an imperfect person and that just a moment of carelessness could be enough for me to kill someone. I knew that, if God really existed, I somehow needed Him in my life.

I knew from my Christian friends that in order to start a relationship with God I had to speak to Jesus. A few days after the car accident I kneeled down in my room by the bed and started speaking to Jesus. I said something like this: “Lord Jesus, I need you. Thank you for dying on the cross for all of the bad things I’ve ever done. I want you to be my Lord and Saviour and I want you to lead me and also change me the way You want.”

And He heard me and came into my life. Since then, I’ve been able to talk to Him every day whenever I wanted so I’ve gained a very close friend. Jesus also answered some very important questions which I was struggling with. He showed me that despite my unsuccessful relationships and divorced parents it’s still worth loving. That I can take love from Him and give it to people around me, whether they give it to me or not. He also assured me that I don’t have to be afraid of what’s going to happen to me after death – because if I once invited Him into my life and honestly asked him for forgiveness, I can be certain that He will be with me forever, even after death. In fact there’s something even better than life on this earth waiting for me then :-).

Petra Ž., Studénka