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A Selection of Topics Mentioned in the JET Training

This is an inspirational selection of main topics (certainly not a full curriculum of the training).
The topics are not only presented in form of lectures, but discussed in small groups, together with partical applications – either right there on the spot or in between the meetings.







>>Biblical foundation of the cells
>>Evangelism starts with listening to non-believers
>>Listening to God's voice
>>Experiment on praying for 160 families from the phone register
>>Good things already happening in our country
>>Urgent prayers according to the widow in Luke 18
>>Fellowship with people who do not know Jesus, yet
>>Prayers on the spot, among people outside
>>Daily prayer for workers for the harvest
>>Where do we find leaders
>>How to prepare one's personal story and effectively share it
>>The Christian language, which non-believers don't understand and how to learn their language
>>What is Church according to the New Testament
>>“Network elements” in the New Testament Church
>>Personal spiritual growth as a precondition for successful ministry
>>Practical ideas how to start a cell with people who don't know Jesus, yet
>>Important elements in cell meetings
>>Leading a discussion over the Word of God, where some people don't know Jesus
>>Simple methods for a group Bible study
>>Usual situations in cell meetings
>>How to lead someone to Jesus
>>What if “Joe” accepted the Lord
>>Spiritual multiplication – the goal is exponential reproduction
>>Baptism, the Lord's supper, and finances in cells
>>Blessing and sending out workers

And many other interesting topics and practical tasks that will change your life and also people around you...
Pavel V.