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Training for Cell Church Leaders

"JET" Training Online

Occasonally believers from various churches hear stories about non-Christians reading Bible with us and taking part in various activities. Some then, ask what are we doing differently in the cell churches, because this is not the usual practice in many many evangelical churches. They would like to experience something like this also in their lives.

This is why we decided to offer our "JET Training" online. It has helped many cell chruch leaders. During every repetition of the training several people came to know Jesus personally and several new cell churches were started.

We wish that the JET Training would help even others outside of our movement and network to grasp the important Bible principles and also practical steps for reaching people for Jesus and for creating new informal fellowships around living Jesus and around the Word of God.

We will be very thankful, if you support the project BY YOUR PRAYERS:

The JET Project

What is the JET Project?

>> The final vision that attracts and motivates us is: Healthy spiritual movement throughout the Czech Republic that would allow hundreds of thousands of people to hear the Gospel in an understandable way and join the growing network of small fellowships (cells) where people would know living Jesus better, grow spiritually, serve one another and purposefully also to others.

>> The goals of the JET Project: To provide instruments and help to leaders and potential leaders who establish new cells or experience calling to start some, and motivate them for passing the received knowledge and experience to others.

>> The name "JET" was inspired by desire that the evangelical movement in our country would move faster, e.g. like a jet (in Czech „jet“ means „to go“...).

For Whom

A Selection of Topics Mentioned in the JET Training

This is an inspirational selection of main topics (certainly not a full curriculum of the training).
The topics are not only presented in form of lectures, but discussed in small groups, together with partical applications – either right there on the spot or in between the meetings.

We Asked People Who Attended the JET Training in the Past

What was the most helpful to you?

Thinking about cells, movements, evangelization, non-believers.
I want to dream God's dreams.
Practicality of the training, factuality.

A Reading Book – Prayer Experiment

Some intercessors randomly chose 160 names from their local phone book and divided them into two same sized groups.
They prayed for 80 families every day for 90 days. They didn't pray for the remaining 80 names.
After 90 days of praying, they called all 160 families and asked them for permission to go see them for a minute and pray for any needs the family might be willing to share.
From the 80 families they didn't pray for, only one allowed them to come.
On the contrary, from the 80 families they have been praying for, 69 invited them to stop by; 45 of them then even invited them to come in...

D. A. K.

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Čítanka: Vstupní strategie
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