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JesusUnseen.cz online
Resources and Materials - Resources and Materials

You may have heard about the project JesusUnseen.cz.
This is an internet presentation about living Jesus whom you cannot see with your eyes, but can experience with your heart.
It is designed for young people (18-23 years of age) who still do not have a personal relationship with Jesus.
It will be a series of short videos that will bring living Jesus to the registered participant in a very contemporary way.
The videos will be presented in several lessons over several days.
There will be an option of interaction for the participant; short surveys, calls to action in each part, challenge to read a portion of Bible, "trial prayer", and at the end a call to invite Jesus into their life.

We are working hard on the project and want to ask you for your PRAYER SUPPORT especially in the following areas:

1) The script
Short videos will be the main way how to talk with the participant.
We pray that the presentation of living Jesus would become really attractive, so that they would say: "I have to finish wathing this." "I want to experience this, too." "I have to try this..."
We strive to communicate in language and style of the main target group. We are looking for expressions, parables and stroies that are close to them and speak into their hearts.
We pray that every video would bring them a spiritual experience of present living Jesus.
The script and other texts for the web are in hands of Pavel V.

2) Videos
We are learning how to work with camera, with lights and background and with other elements of the shooting.
Pavel V. is directing the whole thing.
The main persons on the screen are Andy V. and Anicka P.
At this moment we have the first part done and it looks good. We pray for attractive way of communication that will be natural, smart, slightly humorous, and convincing at the same time.
The next step will be so called post-production - choosing and cutting the right footage, decorative and informative additions, music background, and so on.

The script and all the rough videos we would like to have done till the end of June 2015.

3) Technical background
The registered participant will be automatically getting links to the video lessons.
These functionalities are programmed by our external friend Pavel L. who is also taking care for the graphic desigh of the web.
We pray that everything would go well, effectively and in time.

The whole post-production and all technical background should alow start of a trial operation at the end of July 2015.

4) "Clients"
The visitors will be especially young friends whom we personally meet at various opportunities.
We pray that while watching the videos they would get new really powerful spiritual experiences that would help them to get to know Jesus and decide to follow him.
We also desire that they would personally invite their own friends who would spread it even further.
The next step we crave for is a follow-up contact with these people; best would be creating natural groups that will use the proven Discovery Bible study and create new informal fellowships.
We pray that this would result in thousands of new followers of Jesus and hundreds of new cells.

We would like to launch the whole project since September 2015.

What if you prayed 5 minutes a day at least till the end of June 2015?
Confirm your decision to us, please. ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )
We will gladly inform you about the progress and other steps.

Great thanks!
Pavel V. a Andy V.