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Life Transformation Groups
Resources and Materials - Resources and Materials

Inspired by the book Organic Church, by Neil Cole we have prepared a tool for "Life Transformations groups." These are also sometimes called "LTGs", "čistička” (purifier), "Savo" (bleach) etc.

Life Transformation Groups consist of two to three people of the same sex who meet once a week for about one hour for mutual accountability in the areas of their spiritual development. The meeting may even take place long-distance (for example, via Skype).


There is no curriculum, syllabus or study material needed for this.

It deals with three areas
1. Reading Scripture
2. Confessing sin
3. Specific, strategic prayer for the people who need Jesus

The group is simple, but powerful. It stands on the biblical values of the importance of community, the need for inner transformation of individuals, and building disciples.

There are only two necessary qualifications to form a new group or connect with an existing group:
1. Urgent need of Jesus (Luke 5:29-32).
2. Faithfulness in the process itself (2 Timothy 2:2).

These two criteria balance each other and lead members of the group towards healthy relationships and healthy interest in people around them. Any compromise can be devastating for the group.
(More practical information you can read by DOWNLOADING THE ATTACHED FILES: page 1, page 2 - Right click and "save as". Print it and put in your Bible as a bookmark.)

Pavel V. and Marcela Z.