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Resources and Materials
JesusUnseen.cz online
Resources and Materials - Resources and Materials

You may have heard about the project JesusUnseen.cz.
This is an internet presentation about living Jesus whom you cannot see with your eyes, but can experience with your heart.
It is designed for young people (18-23 years of age) who still do not have a personal relationship with Jesus.
It will be a series of short videos that will bring living Jesus to the registered participant in a very contemporary way.
The videos will be presented in several lessons over several days.
There will be an option of interaction for the participant; short surveys, calls to action in each part, challenge to read a portion of Bible, "trial prayer", and at the end a call to invite Jesus into their life.

We are working hard on the project and want to ask you for your PRAYER SUPPORT especially in the following areas:

Extra dimension
Resources and Materials - Resources and Materials

The web pages _R o z m ě r   n a v í c_ (Extra Dimension) is meant to bring spiritual dimension of life closer to people who do not yet know Jesus or the Bible.

Thoughts on various topics are available there. They are divided into two directions.
"Vertical" –guides thoughts toward the spiritual realm through various modern-day parables.
"Horizontal" –includes some selected practical things for life, while sometimes seeping into the higher dimension...

Life Transformation Groups
Resources and Materials - Resources and Materials

Inspired by the book Organic Church, by Neil Cole we have prepared a tool for "Life Transformations groups." These are also sometimes called "LTGs", "čistička” (purifier), "Savo" (bleach) etc.

Life Transformation Groups consist of two to three people of the same sex who meet once a week for about one hour for mutual accountability in the areas of their spiritual development. The meeting may even take place long-distance (for example, via Skype).