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Resources and Materials - Discovery

(Discovery is also the name of a spaceship :-).)

The goal of this shared Bible study is for a group, which includes non-believers, to discover the living God/Jesus and important truths directly from the Bible.  (The goal is not that a more experienced person teach those less experienced.)  We strongly desire to see this resulting in each participant personally living with God, loving Him, and obeying Him.  Only obedience will transform a life, and then it will transform lives of other people around.

Resources and Materials - Discovery

This Map of Discovery builds on the article “Discovery- goals and Strategy”- read that first and then continue here.

This outline is meant for the series of Discovery with non-believers and with new believers.

WARM UP (15-20 minutes)

-  The warm up should definitely not exceed 15-20 minutes!

1) What is one thing you are thankful for this week?
- This question is to be answered in turn by each participant.
- Short answers will suffice- for example one word or a short sentence.
- You can begin with your own answer as an example.

2) What is causing you concern this week?
- (Alternatively: What problem are you solving this week? // What kind of needs do your loved ones/friends have?
- This question is to be asked of each participant in turn, but it could be that someone has had only good things in a given week- that is fine…
- Be prepared to share your own concerns.

3) How can we help one another with these concerns?
- (Alternatively: How can we as a group help with these?)
- Seek to ensure that each concern is addressed with an offer of help or other appropriate response.
- For some, it may be fitting to spontaneously respond with a short one-sentence prayer for the matter: “Jesus, please help Peter…”