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Discipleship Half-Weekends
Discipleship Half-Weekends - Goals and Content
Resources and Materials - Discipleship Half-Weekends

There are several principles and recommendations summarized, here, concluded on the basis of our experience. We would like to encourage multiplication of such weekends...

Goals of the disciple half-weekends

  • To inspire each other, to build up each other, to be formed into Jesus's image.
  • To support each other, give feedback, accountability.

Disciple half-weekends, other parameters
Resources and Materials - Discipleship Half-Weekends

Time proportions of the discipleship half-weekends

On the basis of our experience, we recommend a frequency of once in 6 weeks as average; which means 7 - 8 times in a school year. 
One retreat takes only about 24 hours: beginning on Friday evening, ending on Saturday afternoon. (There is also an alternative of Saturday/Sunday). The idea of reproduction is such an important value for us that we recommend to keep the primary group for no more than two years. During the second year, you should be thinking of rearranging the group and inviting somebody else to join. In two years time, our own primary group of 5 changed into 3 similar groups based on the discipleship half-weekends.