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Questions on Baptism
Resources and Materials - Baptism in cells

We are very glad that within our cell movement we keep having new people coming to Jesus, accepting him into their lives as their Savior and Lord and then developing their daily life and experiencing liberating and healing changes.
We want to fulfill Jesus' Great Commission, which is making disciples for him (Matthew 28:18-20); that's why we see the topic of baptism very important.
Every movement in history, even every generation feels a need to clarifiy meaning of baptism and decides before the Lord how to do things practically. The cell movement also has come to this stage. We find it important, based on the Bible to state  principles and advice how to perform baptism. We want to remove uncertainty which always accompanies new things.

The following articles are at the first meant for mentors or guides of those who recently let Jesus into their lives as their Lord and Savior.

A new believer can read these articles also with benefit if he/she is considering baptism.
Keep in mind, please that focusing on various alternatives and detailed argumentation can be too demanding for some. We're just trying to answer the most common questions and doubts.
This is not a complex biblical and historical study on baptism. It is simply a summary of our look into the Scripture and practical hints for the cells in our context.

For readers from more traditional backgrounds we want to note, that these articles are not meant as a complete biblical or historical study of the topic. We have no desire to induce a polemic with groups of beloved believers whom we appreciate. They mostly have found their answers a few decades or even centuries before us...

Pavel V.