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Daniel K u c
The Principles of the Cell Churches - What Others Say

More and more I understand life with God as an exciting story. I am not satisfied with a religion in the sense of right answers to given questions. That is why I am inspired by the Cell church movement. No, I do not think we have found the right answer to the question what is church. I see the exciting plot in the story God himself is writing and orchestrating. Again and again we are looking for a place that God has designed for us on this Earth as Christians, place in the fellowship of His children as well as among those who do not know Him yet. We are on a journey, in motion; sometimes we run, sometimes we stay on one place. We are stepping from one foot to the other, putting our weight (figuratively as well as literally) from one emphasis to another.
The cell churches are part of this story. I believe that they speak to contemporary Czech people in an understandable language. Thank be to God for everyone who - thanks to the cells - finds Christ, fellowship of His people and a place where he or she can to recognize and develop gifts God has entrusted them.

Daniel K u c, pastor of Baptist church in Plzen, former member of the Board of Inspiration, till April 2016