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Dave P a t t y
The Principles of the Cell Churches - What Others Say

The Church of Jesus Christ has taken many forms through the years, as it works to maintain its nature and mission in ever changing times. In many areas of the world what is growing most effectively and rapidly is a simple form, focused on the essentials of the Word of God and fellowship, but meeting in smaller groups with lay leadership. The cell movement supported by the organization "I n s p i r a t i o n" is an example of this kind of simple church.
I believe it is a great addition to what God is doing here in the Czech Republic, and has the potential of reaching people who have a difficult time being assimilated into traditional forms of church.
I know the leadership of this movement well, and have seen great fruit through their work. They are carefully Biblical, and at the same time boldly innovative. Many are being reached for Christ and discipled through their network of cells. I am very thankful for their efforts, and recommend them to anyone interested in growing in their relationship with Christ, and reaching their lost friends with the gospel.

Dave P a t t y - president of Josiah Venture (organization reaching young people in 10 central and eastern European countries)