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Milan M i c h a l k o
The Principles of the Cell Churches - What Others Say

I have known Pavel & Danka V. for tens of years; and over the time I could observe their marriage, raising children and also their ministry to God in a local church. In all these areas they were very exemplary and faithful.
Several years ago they started to involve themselves intensively into a new sphere of ministry and it was the "cell church movement". Its distinctive characteristics is planting home fellowships in various towns with great emphasis on spreading the Gospel and discipleship. This form of ministry is different from classical notion of local church and certainly serves people and leads them to Christ. May the Gospel be spread over our country in many ways!

Milan M i c h a l k o - Elder of the Brethren Church in Ostrava–Zábřeh (Křestanské sbory); Board chairman of Christian Academy of Youth (Czech branch of Josiah Venture)