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Ministry of Pavel and Danka
The Principles of the Cell Churches - Thoughts and Ideas

For many years we have had a burden for people who don't yet know the living Lord Jesus. Personal contact with and service to nonbelievers is a constant part of our life. We have seen tens of people come to know the Lord Jesus and become his followers...
When God prepared the chance (1993), with a small team of co-workers, we planted a new local church in the city of Ostrava, Czech Republic. This fellowship grew because new people were caming to the Lord Jesus. In 1999 about 20 people left to start another church in the city...
From 2004 onwards we initiated a series of large outdoor and indoor events (attendance up to 2200). All of this was with one desire: that more people could come to know the Lord Jesus and start to live with Him.
We wanted to initiate planting of more churches. We took part in several great courses and read interesting books with this in mind. But repeatedly we found out that it is not easy to find Christians who are devoted to the Lord and have the desire and courage and skills to start something new. After all, it is a difficult task, starting a new fellowship... Many times we realized that the task of church planting is somehow 'too big' for most Czech Christians. It's not motivational idea for them but rather something unreachable, which they usually don't even want to try.
Nonetheless we found a number of people who have experience with starting and leading smaller groups, whether groups of people who do not yet know the Lord Jesus or groups of believers. These people are an inspiration for us.

Our time came along with God's call to pass all our roles in our home church to other whom we were serving for years. And God prepared an interesting meeting for us (2006). It was 'completely by chance' from our point of view but 'completely strategic' from God's. We met Curtis Sergeant in the United States: a man who was a missionary more than ten years in the Far East, where he helped to start hundreds of small churches. It took a few weeks for God to reorientate our thinking, that even a small fellowship can fulfil all of the functions of a local church and that planting this kind of small churches could be a new dimension for our desires and goals in our ministry to the Lord Jesus and the lost. Curtis gave us some materials which introduced us to the whole concept and ispired us to try new things.
Since April, 2006 we both (Pavel and Danka) became full time staff of KVZ (Krestanske vyucovani a zivot / Christian Education and Life), an organisation which is very effective in ministryof are evangelism and discipleship.
Our home church in Ostrava-Zabreh (which we planted years ago) sent us out to the new ministry in May 2010 with blessing of our elders and prayers of the body. Now, our home church is effectively the network of cells which is gradually developing...
We are very grateful for the wider prayer team which regularly intercedes for us before God's throne. We are convinced that prayer is the basis for any success and development of this entire ministry. We issue our prayer requests once in every 4-8 weeks in the form of short E-mails. You can also receive these E-mails. Let us know a little about yourself including your E-mail address (to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).
If God leads you to support our ministry and our family financially, we will be very grateful. You can find specific ways to contribute by clicking HERE.

Thank you
Pavel and Danka V.