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A Cell
The Principles of the Cell Churches - Fundaments

A Cell (Cellula in Latin) is a fundamental structural and functional unit of all known living organisms (according to Wikipedia). Life of a human being or of any other living creature starts with one cell which is multiplying itself...
The CELL CHURCHES are the fundamental structural and functional units of the living organism – the Chruch of the Lord Jesus. We understand the individual cells as a partial local form of Church.
Every cell in the healthy organism needs appropriate connection with other cells. This is why we develop various COMMON ACTIVITIES OF THE CELLS and put our efforts into the whole network of healthy small cell churches that will naturally produce more and more cell churches.
In the cells we especially strive that we as followers of Jesus would effectively operate in the environment of people who do not know the living Jesus yet. Cells in fact are meant as fellowships of believers with nonbelievers where the living Jesus is "felt", "heard" and "seen". (Cells in this sense are not meant as long-term small groups of believers.)

Pavel V.