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Why do We Strive for a Network of Cells, Not Usual Churches?
The Principles of the Cell Churches - FAQ about the Cells

With gratitude we look back at times when we were founding and developing local churches (Pavel and Danka V. in Ostrava, Marcela Z. in Brno).
Therefore we know from personal experience that starting a new church of regular Czech size (30 to 100 people) is very difficult task. Especially if we want that church to grow. A large number of enthusiastic and faithful people with sufficient experience, various gifts and knowledge are usually needed.
Unlike a regular church, a cell church can be founded with a little help by a small team of spiritually developed Christians or even one mature person. A small environment is a great place for sharing the gospel, getting ready for ministry, caring for others and for founding new cells.
Some ask whether our goal is for a cell or for a group of cells to turn into a church? The answer is simple; no. Our goal is a network of cells which work individually and still are intertwined with mutual help, oversight, teaching etc.