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Where Does the Idea of Cells Come from?
The Principles of the Cell Churches - FAQ about the Cells

This is a pretty frequently asked question, which has many different forms. Which model do you follow? Were you inspired by something outside (for example in the USA)?
A short answer would be: We don't follow any particular model “from outside”, nonetheless besides the written Word of God we get inspired also from places where we hear about great fruit in the form of new-born Christians who are being taken care of so that they could lead others to the Lord as well.
Openly said: We are not a part of any foreign organization.

As far as observations are concerned, the underground movement of the church in China grabbed our attention. Pavel V. had the opportunity to spend a few weeks in India and see with his own eyes a couple local churches and talk with the initiators of the whole movements. We are trying to read further literature and study other sources which could benefit us. That is all just inspiration which leads us in our own search in the Bible and through prayers.
By the way, one of the sources of encouragement for us is a look into the very beginning and sometimes even recent history of most of today's evangelical denomination! It's obvious that back then it was a completely normal and natural part of the growth of the church in the Czech and Slovak Republics to go to people's homes (Baptists, Brethren, Free Evangelicals, Apostolic Church and others). Most of the time it isn't necessary to study old thick books; sometimes it's sufficient to ask the older folks to unveil their memories from youth. You'll learn how they themselves or their fathers tried to bring new people to the Lord, how they read the Scripture together and prayed, and considered it their home church...