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FAQ about the Cells

By way of Introduction
The Principles of the Cell Churches - FAQ about the Cells

One believing friend wrote in a letter to us an accumulation of questions and to it she added: "These questions spontaneously occurred to me while reading your circular letter, so I ask."

We are grateful for such questions from friends and are happy to answer them. The following paragraphs are a collection of answers to questions from people, with an open interest, who want to understand or just to get more information.

Thanks for your interest and your prayers!

What is a cell?
The Principles of the Cell Churches - FAQ about the Cells

A biological cell is the basic structural and functional unit of all living organisms. A healthy cell reproduces healthfully, and each newly created cell at the right time reproduces further.

Cells are the basic concept of our structural and functional units of the living organism of the Church of the Lord Jesus. Biblically we understand them as a form of the local churches.
The cells are intended as an small open communities, where it is a place "to feel, to hear and to see" the living Jesus. They are open in the sense that it is normal that in them would be believers together with unbelievers.
We strive that a complete healthy cellular kind of network would spread in our country, which will naturally reproduce other cellular fellowships.

Whom are the cells for?
The Principles of the Cell Churches - FAQ about the Cells

Diffferent people become involved in different cells. 
 We currently have cells where there are:
>> families 
with children
>> young people (15-20 years old)
>> young middle-aged people.

Predominantly it is natural to cultivate personal relationships and create communities with people similar to ourselves. For example, we generally meet with people who are like us from a life status viewpoint, we usually know (or at least more likely we surmise) their needs and problems, we are able to communicate with them about their deeper matters (or it is easier for us to learn to) and likewise.

What Is the Cell Church Network About?
The Principles of the Cell Churches - FAQ about the Cells

We're praying for spiritual movement in our country of the Czech Republic and along with it that new fellowships (open for non-believers) would be created.
We want to see Czech people coming to the Lord and help them to grow into His image (Matthew 28, 18-20).
We desire for these new people to start sharing the Gospel as soon as possible and to help grow those who came to know Christ through them (2 Timothy 2,2).
Our great desire and strive is that the precentage of evangelical Christians would increase, which hasn't changed in the past 20 years (still less than 0,5%).

Where Does the Idea of Cells Come from?
The Principles of the Cell Churches - FAQ about the Cells

This is a pretty frequently asked question, which has many different forms. Which model do you follow? Were you inspired by something outside (for example in the USA)?
A short answer would be: We don't follow any particular model “from outside”, nonetheless besides the written Word of God we get inspired also from places where we hear about great fruit in the form of new-born Christians who are being taken care of so that they could lead others to the Lord as well.
Openly said: We are not a part of any foreign organization.

Who's behind It?
The Principles of the Cell Churches - FAQ about the Cells

We are Christians who accepted the Lord Jesus Christ for our personal Saviour, Lord, and the best Friend.
Theologically we belong to "evangelicals".
Dozens of voluteers are involved in the growth of the cells.
For the needs of legal background we founded an organization called I_s_p_i_r_a_t_i_o_n, which is a non-profit ministry that serves as a support of the whole cell church network.

What Is the Biblical Foundation for the Cell Churches?
The Principles of the Cell Churches - FAQ about the Cells

In the New Testament we can see many passages about Christians getting together in their homes, and these home meetings were called churches:
1. Corinthians 16:19 Aquila and Prisca greet you heartily in the Lord, with the church that is in their house.
Colossians 4:15 Greet... also Nympha and the church that is in her house.
(Also see Acts 2:46, 5:42, Romans 16:5 and so on.)

A church with non-believers?
The Principles of the Cell Churches - FAQ about the Cells

The church is definitely a spiritual entity. It's a fellowship of those who have personally put their lives into Jesus's hands, and so accepted forgiveness of their sins and everlasting life.

Nonetheless, one of the main reasons why Jesus still keeps his church on this planet is that believers would have personal contact with non-Christians and would serve those who don't know Jesus yet. In order for the church to fulfill this special mission it has to live in a direct and close contact with non-believers.

The Lord Jesus lived and treated various sinners in a way that made them search and long for Him, they were listening to Him, learning to trust Him and their life was consequently transformed. Those sinners' favor towards Jesus and his behavior with “non-believers” was opposed by the religious leaders, so they said about him: “Behold, a gluttonous man and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners!” (Matthew 11:19)

Where do the People from Cells Go to Church?
The Principles of the Cell Churches - FAQ about the Cells

A cell in mature state of its development fulfills basics functions needed for a believer's life; like the God's word, prayer, fellowship, the Lord's supper, baptism, discipline, leadership etc.
Aside from meeting in cells, members also meet with other Christians across other cells (regional meetings once a month, biblical discipleship groups, conferences and other opportunities – see link “common activities off the cells”).

Why do We Strive for a Network of Cells, Not Usual Churches?
The Principles of the Cell Churches - FAQ about the Cells

With gratitude we look back at times when we were founding and developing local churches (Pavel and Danka V. in Ostrava, Marcela Z. in Brno).
Therefore we know from personal experience that starting a new church of regular Czech size (30 to 100 people) is very difficult task. Especially if we want that church to grow. A large number of enthusiastic and faithful people with sufficient experience, various gifts and knowledge are usually needed.
Unlike a regular church, a cell church can be founded with a little help by a small team of spiritually developed Christians or even one mature person. A small environment is a great place for sharing the gospel, getting ready for ministry, caring for others and for founding new cells.
Some ask whether our goal is for a cell or for a group of cells to turn into a church? The answer is simple; no. Our goal is a network of cells which work individually and still are intertwined with mutual help, oversight, teaching etc.

What is the relationship of cells with other churches?
The Principles of the Cell Churches - FAQ about the Cells

We are very grateful for various churches, organizations and other groups that reach out to Czech non-believers in an understandable form of the gospel about living Jesus Christ. The cell church movement is going in the same direction. – It serves people in order to come to know Christ, forming new cells in which people grow and are equipped for ministry to others and others.
Meanwhile we find ways how to fulfill these basic functions with the biggest harvest possible (John 15,5.8.16; Romans 1,13).
With leaders of many local churches and even with representatives of the whole Christian denominations we nurture personal friendships, we mutually inform and bless each other.

HERE you can read more about what some well-known and respected personalities of the evangelical movement say about the network of cells.

More Questions?
The Principles of the Cell Churches - FAQ about the Cells

If you have not found appropriate answer for your question here, please, read also other parts of this web. And if you will not find even there, feel free to write to us: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

For the leadership team
Pavel V.